Hi, I am Frederick Falade
I am an entrepreneur as well as a Christian Business Mentor with extensive experience in start-ups and incubating businesses to succeed. I am a Business Management Consultant.

Few words about me

I am a business management consultant and a business mentor. I develop ideas and grow businesses to the next level.

I listen to your business ideas and I fill in the gaps to make the business idea a solid proposal to actually start a business with. I stick with you and grow the business with you and building the business process with you until you got the hand of it.

I help you with business development process, sales process, production process, sales process and general business management so your dream can become a reality.

I am an astute go-to-market expert and I am a thinker. I am broad minded and I develop succeeding processes that propel your business. I work internationally between 4 continents and I am available remotely and in-person when required.

I am honest and trust worthy. I am upfront and very likeable. I am a christian and l believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. I have over 20 years experience in Security Solutions and Cloud infrastructures, Broadband Solutions as well as Systems Infrastructure processes. I also have over 15 years experience in setting up and managing and keeping business relevant.